About Aaron Keith

IMG_7550Aaron Keith is the founder of Ascension Programs, a San Diego CA based Business Consulting & Education Company. Aaron’s journey as a business owner started at 19 when he ventured out and started his first business. After a few years of struggling he was introduced to his first business coach, and although he didn’t know it at the time, this was the tipping point that would forever change his life. By the age of 24, with the support of his business coach, Aaron built one of the most successful businesses in his industry. Not only was he making great money, but he was happy, had balance in his life, and was having the life experience he had dreamed of. All of that came out of the work he did with his first business coach. It was an amazing experience and Aaron knew right then that he wanted to do for others what his coach had done for him! At the age of 24, Aaron told his business coach, “When I get older I would love to be a business coach”. Aaron’s coach proceeded to say, “Why wait, I will train you!”, and the next phase of Aaron’s life began! Later that year Aaron started Ascension Programs and continued to run his first business while he was building the coaching business; he ran both businesses successfully for the next two years. Then at the age of 26, Aaron made the choice to sell his first business in order to devote all of his time and attention towards building Ascension Program into the best Business Education & Business Consulting Company that he possibly could. Aaron knew that if he was going to make the kind of difference with people that he was committed to making, he would need to get trained at the highest level possible.

Aaron then searched out the best in the country to train him privately. Since the age of 21 he has been rigorously trained every week, often times being trained one-on-one by his team of coaches for up to 4+ hours a week. Through the years, this coaching team consisted of business consultants & coaches, finance coaches, speaking coaches, leadership coaches, life coaches, spiritual teachers, and many others. This pace of training went on for more than 10 years. By the end of 2011, Aaron had acquired over 4,000 hours of private one-on-one training from some of the top consultants, coaches, trainers, and mentors in the country. And in addition to his business background, Aaron has studied indigenous science, ontology, brain science, leadership, speaking, and presenting. Aaron has also attended countless seminars that have added to his depth of knowledge as a business coach. When Aaron works with a business owner in one of Ascension’s programs, they are not only getting his depth of knowledge, top notch education, and training, but they are getting the personal experience that Aaron has gained from being in business for over 15 years. By 2012 Aaron had built Ascension Programs into one of the most successful private coaching businesses in the country. After having coaching over 3,000+ business owners from around the world, Aaron had noticed a common challenge with most of the business owners he worked with. Most of them had negatively impacted their health from their rigorous pursuit to build wealth. Aaron then took his entrepreneurial spirit and passion for health & wellness and developed a leading edge medical consulting company. Aaron passionately believes in helping health & wellness businesses grow so they can make the biggest difference possible on the planet. Aaron continues to run both, MSO Medical Consulting and Ascension Programs today.


About MSO Medical Consulting 

Owned and operated by Aaron Keith; MSO Medical Consulting Inc. is a business education & consulting company that strategically partners with healthcare professionals to enable them to take their business to the next level.

Aaron’s approach starts with a thorough evaluation of the business (at no charge); from his findings he then custom designs a plan that is specifically designed around the needs of the doctor and their practice. Then by helping with the business operations, we are able to elevate the practice by freeing the doctor up to do what they are highly trained to do, which is treat patients.

Some of the primary areas that MSO Medial Consulting trains business owners and staff on are; Management, Administration, Finance, Marketing, Sales, Production and Quality Assurance.  Aaron’s 15 years of experience building, and developing businesses allows him to quickly assess, and solve your complex business challenges.

Every person needs a good healthcare professional, and every good healthcare professional needs a good business consultant. Aaron and his team at MSO Medical Consulting bring the science to business!