1-aaronAaron Keith, CEO –  Aaron Keith is the CEO and founder of MSO Consulting Inc., a San Diego based medical consulting company that acts as a managed services organization (MSO) for medical and health businesses around the country. Aaron started his first business when he was just 19 years old.

By the age of 24, Aaron built one of the most successful businesses in his industry. Not only was he making great money, but he was happy, had balance in his life, and was having the life experiences he had dreamed of. Building a business that was making a difference for others was a rewarding experience and Aaron knew that he wanted to teach others how to do the same thing with their business.

At the age of 24, Aaron started Ascension Programs Inc. and continued to run his first business while he was building his coaching business; he ran both businesses successfully for the next two years. Then at the age of 26, Aaron made the choice to sell his first business in order to devote all of his time and attention towards building Ascension Programs into the premier Business Education & Coaching Company that it is today.

To date, Aaron has worked with over 3,000 business owners from around the world. On average his clients increase their revenue by 128% within 7 months. When Aaron works with a business owner, they are not only getting his depth of knowledge, top notch education, and training, but they are getting the personal experience that Aaron has gained from being in business for over 15 years.


holly2-circleHolly Mendell, Patient Care Coordinator-  At Spark Health we are committed to providing you with the best patient experience possible!  We want you to have access to the best Doctors, the best Services and the best Team so you can reach your health goals!